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    Chosen by NASA

for their ocular research in the International Space Station.

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Acuity Pro - Computerized Acuity Testing - Screen Shots
'think outside the bulb'
Acuity Pro Speedy Crowding Bars - Acuity Pro Acuity Pro Video Player

Speed Acuity (single or double column)

Crowding Bars

Video Cartoons for Retinoscopy

Contrast Sensitivity - Acuity Pro ETDRS - Acuity Pro Acuity Pro Mask

Variable Contrast Chart (0 to 30%)


Masking Option

Acuity Pro Multi-line

Synechia - Acuity Pro

Acuity Pro single line

Multi-line with Randomized Chart

Digital Photo Gallery (50 slides)
Add your own photos too!

Single Line Chart

Worth 4 Dot - Acuity Pro Landolt C - Acuity Pro Acuity Pro red/green

4 Dot Test

Tumbling C's (Tumbling E's also)

Red/Green Overlay For Any Screen

Astigmatic Chart - Acuity Pro Punctal Plug - Acuity Pro Astigmatic Chart - Acuity Pro

Astigmatic Dot Pattern

Educational Videos (add your own!)

Astigmatic Fan Dial

Number optotype - Acuity Pro Acuity Pro mirror HOTV - Acuity Pro

Number Chart

Mirror Option

HOTV Chart (with Pointing Cursor)

Fixation Disparity - Acuity Pro

Acuity Pro Slide Show

Acuity Pro random

Fixation Disparity w/without Fusion Lock

Setup Infomercial Slide Shows
Educate patients while you're not in the room

LogMar Scaling for all Optotypes
Snellen/Metric/Decimal Notation Too!


White on Black Optoypes

Picture in Picture - drag small window to desktop monitor to see what the patient sees without turning around.