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Acuity Pro is a professional computerized acuity testing suite designed, created and written by eye doctors.  With 17 years of sales and over 8000 installations around the world, we are the industry leader in computer generated eye charts.   ETDRS, LogMar, Snellen, Number, Contrast Sensitivity, 4 Dot, Fixation Disparity, Picture chart, E chart, C chart, HOTV, Video, Pathology Photo Gallery, and much more. An all function hand held remote is included. Think Outside the Bulb with Acuity Pro Software!

Acuity Pro in Space
We are proud to announce that Acuity Pro was chosen by NASA over all other digital eye charts to be uploaded to the International Space Station and will be used to evaluate the contrast sensitivity, acuity and macular integrity of the astronauts while in space. Click on the links below for more information.

Nasa Ocular Research - Acuity Pro TV News Story

Acuity Pro Founders
Acuity Pro Founders

Astronauts Checking Acuities - Acuity Pro
Acuity Check on the ISS

Nasa Microgravity Study - Acuity Pro
NASA Microgravity Study

NASA Ocular Research Study - Acuity Pro
NASA Ocular Research

Scientists have known for sometime that some astronauts have developed eye problems such as papilledema, cotton wool spots, increased IOP and other problems while in space but until now, have not been able to monitor or evaluate these changes until the astronaut returned to earth.  Now for the first time, scientists will have the ability to monitor these changes in real time to determine when these changes begin, how they progress and which astronauts are affected.  We are proud to be a part of that research.

Version 9.0 Now Available!
Windows 10 Ready!

New Features Include:

  • Marco integration with RT-3100, RT-5100 and RT-2100*
  • Picture in Picture
  • White on Black Optotypes
  • Improved Crowding Bar effect
  • 3 New Standard ETDRS charts
  • Variable Fixation Dot Size
  • Improved import of photos and videos
  • Improved slide show functionality
  • Improved remote control software
  • New license key requires no drivers
  • Auto copy of preferences on upgrade

(click here to see version history)

Click on Features  to see why Acuity Pro is the industry leader in computerized acuity testing with over 8,000 installations worldwide!  Don't forget to read our Testimonials too.

Acuity Pro Remote Control

(click for larger view)

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Two Ways To Buy!

Software Only All-In-One Computer Hardware Bundle
Acuity Pro Software Computerized Eye Chart - Acuity Pro
click here for more information

The simple, perfect way to add a computerized eye chart to compliment your high tech office by just adding another monitor to your EMR or photography computer and installing our software!

For those of you who want to have a dedicated computerized eye chart that you  can just take out of the box and hang on the wall.  Includes everything at left plus the wall mounted computer, wireless keyboard & mouse and wall mount.

In this competitive age, you want your office to stand out from the rest.  There is no better way to say 'state-of-the-art' than with a computer generated acuity chart.

The Acuity Pro Suite not only provides you with nearly every conceivable electronic acuity chart available (click here for 'Screen Shots'), but randomization too.  Besides acuity testing, The Acuity Pro Suite has the following features:

Built-in Video Player:
Now you can show contact lens training videos on your eye chart!  No need for a bulky television and VCR or DVD player in the room.  Show any video right on the same screen as the eye chart.
Do you see a lot of kids in your practice?  Use the included cartoons to keep their attention when doing retinoscopy or ophthalmoscopy. 
Do you do refractive surgery or co-management?  Show a video clip describing these and other surgical procedures, all at the touch of a button, and of course, you can add as many of your own videos as you like to the library.  When finished, switch back to the eye chart with a single key press.

Built-in pathology photo gallery:
The Acuity Pro Suite comes with 50 high resolution pathology slide that you will find invaluable when explaining a specific ocular condition to your patient.  No more digging through books to find a photo of POHS, Hollenhorst plaque, glaucomatous nerve or diabetic retinopathy.  All photos are just a keystroke away from your acuity screen.  You may also add to the library by importing your own photos.

Built-in slide show:
Setup your own practice promotion 'infomercial' in a series of slides like powerpoint and import the entire set into the Acuity Pro slide show for presentation while your patients are waiting.  Instead of the patient sitting in the exam chair waiting on your or the tech, have them watch a practice promotion slide show or use one of the scenic slide shows included in the Acuity Pro Suite to help pass the time.

*Some early versions of the RT-2100 may not have the chart choice of SC2000-M or CP690-E which is required for the interface to work properly.  Please check to make sure this chart option is available before ordering the interface.